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Welcome to the Blog!

I'm hoping to use my personal blog to share my thoughts and experiences with friends, family, and really anyone who's interested. My philosophy blog will then focus on ethical, epistemic, or otherwise important questions that I want to more rigorously explore. I'll possibly start another blog specific to tech/programming related topics if this catches on (or if I'm bored).

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Defining Consciousness

Though it is difficult, pinning down what language we are using is paramount to communication. The purpose of this article is to explore what consciousness is, however its important to understand how challenging, but also how vital definitions are. In many cases being precise in what we are talking about is the real battle. Of course, then its then easy to think that to figure out what something is all you have to do is define it. This is mistaken. There is a difference between word and concept. The word is just a label, the concept is what the label is for.

The ‘hardest problem of consciousness’ might just pinning down what we mean; what concept are trying to invoke when we say the word ‘conscious.’

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Taos Ski Valley and the St. Bernard Hotel

This past week I was in Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico. My family has a reunion of sorts most years that is sponsored by my grandad Julien. We stay at the St. Bernard which is, arguably, the best hotel in the world.

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